10 Facts About Senior Living Communities

Facts about Senior Living

When it comes time to look for a senior living community for yourself or your loved one, you may be unsure of where to begin. You may wonder if you should look for something local, what you or your loved one need and what is going to give you the best value. These answers can differ for everyone, and depending on what you’ve heard about senior living communities, you may not know exactly what to believe when researching them or talking to others about your options.

What to Expect: Hip Replacement Surgery and Recovery in Seniors

What to Expect: Hip Replacement Surgery

As seniors age, their bodies may begin to deteriorate slowly, causing a need for surgeries to either repair joints, knees or hips or replace them altogether. Most often, we hear about knee and hip surgeries because they are more common, but hip replacements are on the rise. Sometimes these replacements are needed after a fall and the bones have broken or sometimes surgery is needed because there are diseased parts of the joints.

What to Do When Aging Parents Refuse Help

We have all met a senior who simply refuses to be helped. Whether being polite and holding a door open or offering to carry groceries for them, it seems there are at least a few seniors who would rather be left alone. As seniors age it becomes more common for them to be stubborn and refuse help from anyone, and this is especially true when it comes to aging parents.

Holidays & Exercise for Seniors

The holiday season is approaching faster than we even realize, bringing with it Halloween candy, loads of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, plenty of pies, Christmas cookies and, of course, some extra unwanted pounds. The holidays can be hectic and tempting, leaving little time to exercise and continue an exercise routine, or so you think. Although there may be plenty of parties, feasts and activities to take part in, it’s still possible to keep up with or adapt your current routine to fit your holiday needs.

How Pets & Animals Benefit Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

Pets and other animals have the tendency to make people happy, brighten their day and distract from everyday troubles. No matter what type of animal, i.e., dog, cat, horse, bird or even fish, animals are known to have therapeutic properties. Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, in particular, can benefit in an increasing number of ways from a pet or other animal’s therapeutic traits. Physical health, emotional well-being and social involvement are among the many ways seniors with memory impairments benefit from pets and animal therapy.

Spirituality & Wellness for Those with Dementia

Spirituality & Wellness for Those with Dementia

While it is often thought that spirituality has to do mainly with religion, there are many other less obvious aspects of spirituality. Spirituality is also defined as wellness of the mind, body and soul. It is where we find our meaning, where we feel connected and goes beyond what can be seen. Religion, however, is an established set of beliefs, rules, rituals and traditions. Religion defines what is right and wrong, true and false. Both spirituality and religion focus on our individual beliefs, comfort, ethics and reflection, which contributes to our overall wellness and peace of mind.

Tips on Aging Eye Diseases Commonly Found in Seniors

7 Surprising Benefits of Walking for Senior Adults

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