Spousal Caregiver

Coping with a Spouse’s Move to Senior Living

Senior couple holding house key

When we get married, we often think fondly about growing old together: spending our retirements traveling the world, visiting children and grandchildren, sitting in front of the fire holding hands … the ease and comfort of aging along with your best friend in the world. However, the reality of aging doesn’t always line up with our rose-colored hopes.

Coping with Life’s Changing Dynamics: Expert Tips on Caring for a Spouse

“As more Americans live longer today, an increasing number of couples are faced with dealing with a spouse who needs additional care and support,” says Sue Sunderland, Executive Director at soon-to-open The Bridges at Warwick in Jamison, Pa. “And while the health issues of a loved one can impact the entire family, it is typically the person’s spouse whose life is affected the most.

“Experts in family dynamics explain that in these situations, the spouse’s life can change dramatically, especially in terms of quality of life.”

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