Recognizing Malnutrition in Your Aging Parent: March is National Nutrition Month®!

Eat your vegetables. No dessert until you’ve cleaned your plate. If you want a snack, you can have a piece of fruit. Any of these phrases sound familiar? When we’re kids, we hear a lot of these phrases as we’re learning good eating habits. As we age, these habits become second nature (and often even enjoyable, as we discover how good we feel when we eat a healthy diet). What we might not expect, though, is that this healthy-eating focus can slip away as we age – and can have serious consequences. 

Six Ways Senior Living Promotes Healthy Aging through Dining

Six Ways Senior Living Promotes Healthy Aging through Dining

Good nutrition is such an essential part of aging well. Eating a balanced diet allows all of us to live an active lifestyle, maintain an ideal weight and stay as physically healthy as possible. For senior individuals, a healthy and well-balanced diet plays an even more important role by helping with digestion issues, improving memory and cognitive function, keeping teeth and bones strong and basically helping all body systems to work as well as possible.

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