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Home for the Holidays: What to Look for When Visiting an Aging Parent

Senior couple sitting near a Christmas tree

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and with it, the opportunity for adult children to “take stock” of how their aging parents are doing. Many family members live at least an hour away from their aging parents, making the holiday season a particularly important time.

How to Make the Holidays Special for a Loved One in Senior Living

Senior playing with two grandchildren

Celebrating with our loved ones during the holidays makes the season extra meaningful. This can be difficult for older adults who are in senior living, especially those who need a little more care. It can be hard for them to get out of the house or they may not even drive, which means that making it to gatherings and events can be problematic. This can lead to isolation and feelings of loneliness, which can make for a very blue holiday season. 

Fall Back: 6 Ways Seniors Can Adjust to Daylight Savings

Senior and caregiver/adult child spending time outside

It’s almost that time again – time to “fall back” and gain another hour of daylight for the winter months. Though the extra hour is a nice benefit for those in school or the workforce, daylight savings can be surprisingly rough if you’re a senior or dealing with chronic health issues. 

How to Choose the Best Cell Phone for a Senior Loved One

Senior couple on their cell phones

The idea that seniors are technologically incompetent is so 2010. These days, the age 65+ demographic is the fastest-growing adopters of technology, with four in 10 seniors owning a smartphone and 83% of seniors between 64 – 74 years of age using the Internet on a regular basis. There’s no denying that technology has many benefits for the older generations, and that extends to cell phones – and cell phone plans. 

When Siblings Disagree: Caregiving for an Aging Parent

Siblings surrounding aging parent

There are families where, when a mother or father’s health starts to fail, the sibling band together as a united front to plan for and provide the best possible care for their parents. That’s the ideal. For many other families, though, that rosy sense of camaraderie disappears very quickly when caregiving decisions are thrown into the equation.

Options for Aging Your Way

Seven Everyday Outing Ideas for You and Your Aging Loved One

Senior sitting outside in the sunshine

Are you a homebody or do you like going out and doing things? Generally, most of us are a mix of the two extremes, but we tend to spend more and more time at home as we age. In fact, many older adults simply don’t go out much at all due to limited mobility, anxiousness or simple comfort.

Summer Vacation: Traveling with a Loved One with Dementia

Senior traveling with caregiver

Traveling during the summer months is a time-honored tradition that many of us look forward to every year. If you’re a caregiver to a loved one with dementia, you may be wondering if summer travel is even in the cards anymore. The answer is a resounding yes, according to Sue Sunderland, Executive Director of The Bridges at Warwick.

How to Keep Seniors Safe in the Sun

Senior spending time in the garden

Summer is finally here! For people of all ages, that means fun in the sun as festivals, parades, fairs and other outdoor events take advantage of the sultry weather and long days. While this means enjoyable summer days and nights, it also can mean sunburn and other sun-related problems if proper precautions aren’t taken. This is especially important for seniors, who are more susceptible than most to skin cancer, heatstroke and dehydration. 

Parenting the Parent: When Adult Children Care for Their Aging Parent

Senior with his adult child son

The first time you notice that something’s a little off with your parent can come as a shock. Maybe Mom suddenly becomes rude when you ask her if she needs help doing something. Or Dad refuses to discuss finances with you when you ask a polite, passing question. You may even brush it off, chalking it up to old age. But then, if that off-ness progresses to big red flags, like not remembering that they spoke to you yesterday, or they forget the directions to the store they visit every week, it starts to become more of a worry. 


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