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The Benefit of Choosing a Family-Owned Senior Living Community

The Benefit of Choosing a Family-Owned Senior Living Community

When moving to a senior living community, bigger doesn’t always mean better, although many seniors believe it does. Much like small businesses, there’s a personal touch that’s added when a company, or community, is smaller than the rest. For example, in a small town, everyone knows who everyone is. They know your name, they know what you like and most often, everyone includes one another. In bigger communities or the city, that’s much harder to come by, as everyone is absorbed in their own lives and may not get to know others as easily.

Tips for Leaving a Legacy

Having The Conversation About Dementia & Driving

Having The Conversation About Dementia & Driving

For caregivers and family members who are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, one of the biggest concerns is safety. Keeping your loved one out of harm’s way and ensuring they do not harm anyone else becomes one of the top priorities as their disease progresses. This makes it necessary for safety and security measures to be put into place in order for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia to maintain their sense of independence but still be safe. Because most aging seniors fear loss of independence, the subject of driving can be touchy.

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Expert Tips on the Value of Respite Stays

The Many Benefits of Respite Stays for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones

As the number of older Americans continues to grow and more of us live longer, the number of family caregivers in our country also increases. The daily challenges of taking care of a dependent loved one are many. Beyond the substantial commitment of time, energy and physical exertion, at-home caregivers also face significant stress and anxiety as a byproduct of their ongoing role – one that usually offers no personal downtime or respite.

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