The Benefit of Choosing a Family-Owned Senior Living Community

The Benefit of Choosing a Family-Owned Senior Living Community

When moving to a senior living community, bigger doesn’t always mean better, although many seniors believe it does. Much like small businesses, there’s a personal touch that’s added when a company, or community, is smaller than the rest. For example, in a small town, everyone knows who everyone is. They know your name, they know what you like and most often, everyone includes one another. In bigger communities or the city, that’s much harder to come by, as everyone is absorbed in their own lives and may not get to know others as easily.

Transitioning a Resistant Parent Into Memory Care

When a parent is diagnosed with memory loss, a lot of things can be uncertain. You may ask yourself how long they will remember you, what comes next, who will serve as their primary caregiver and what you’ll do as your loved one’s memory loss worsens. Many times, these questions don’t have definite answers. In fact, it may depend on a number of factors such as how far the memory loss has progressed, the person providing the care and the personal preferences of the individual with memory loss.

Adapting Holiday Traditions for Seniors with Memory Loss

Adapting Holiday Traditions

The holiday seasons are often full of excitement, nostalgia and good cheer. Family may come to visit or you may travel to see them. The home may be full of wonderful scents and holiday movies or festive music may be playing. It’s truly a wonderful time of year for those of all ages; however, for those with memory loss, the holidays can mean something else entirely.

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