Home for the Holidays: What to Look for When Visiting an Aging Parent

Senior couple sitting near a Christmas tree

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and with it, the opportunity for adult children to “take stock” of how their aging parents are doing. Many family members live at least an hour away from their aging parents, making the holiday season a particularly important time.

Options for Aging Your Way

Parenting the Parent: When Adult Children Care for Their Aging Parent

Senior with his adult child son

The first time you notice that something’s a little off with your parent can come as a shock. Maybe Mom suddenly becomes rude when you ask her if she needs help doing something. Or Dad refuses to discuss finances with you when you ask a polite, passing question. You may even brush it off, chalking it up to old age. But then, if that off-ness progresses to big red flags, like not remembering that they spoke to you yesterday, or they forget the directions to the store they visit every week, it starts to become more of a worry. 

Recognizing Malnutrition in Your Aging Parent: March is National Nutrition Month®!

Eat your vegetables. No dessert until you’ve cleaned your plate. If you want a snack, you can have a piece of fruit. Any of these phrases sound familiar? When we’re kids, we hear a lot of these phrases as we’re learning good eating habits. As we age, these habits become second nature (and often even enjoyable, as we discover how good we feel when we eat a healthy diet). What we might not expect, though, is that this healthy-eating focus can slip away as we age – and can have serious consequences. 

Positive Aging: Finding Fulfillment Later in Life

Retirement. What do you think of when you hear this word? Many people dream about it, believing it will be the best time of their lives. Finally, they will have all the time to relax, enjoy their free time and do absolutely nothing. But once you’ve reached that magical age and are entering the “golden years,” you may find that something's missing. 

New Year, New You: The Importance of Health Screening

New Year, New You: The Importance of Health Screening

There’s an old saying that goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” In other words, it’s never too late to make a change for the better, and the new year is the perfect opportunity to kick-off a new approach. For senior adults, one of the best changes you can make this year is by committing to regular health screenings.

How to Mentally Prepare to be a Caregiver for Your Aging Parent

How to Mentally Prepare to be a Caregiver for Your Aging Parent

Becoming a caregiver for a loved one is no easy feat. Whether you’ve expected to become a caregiver or have had the role thrust upon you, there are many details that need to be worked out in order to help make the journey run as smoothly as possible. Many of these you’ve probably already thought about and prepared for, such as the financial aspect, coordinating living situations, the comfort of your loved one and so on. But one aspect that people don’t always prepare for is the mental aspect of becoming a caregiver for your aging parent.

The Health Benefit of Physical Therapy for an Aging Adult with Memory Loss

The Health Benefit of Physical Therapy for an Aging Adult with Memory Loss

Exercise has been proven to be beneficial for people of all ages. That goes double for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another form of memory loss. They not only receive the numerous physical benefits, but also see improvement in motor skills, a decreased risk of falls and a lower rate of diseases that are associated with cognitive decline. This results in improved memory and behavior, better communication abilities and a variety of other benefits specifically related to the unique challenges of those with dementias.

Six Ways Senior Living Promotes Healthy Aging through Dining

Six Ways Senior Living Promotes Healthy Aging through Dining

Good nutrition is such an essential part of aging well. Eating a balanced diet allows all of us to live an active lifestyle, maintain an ideal weight and stay as physically healthy as possible. For senior individuals, a healthy and well-balanced diet plays an even more important role by helping with digestion issues, improving memory and cognitive function, keeping teeth and bones strong and basically helping all body systems to work as well as possible.

Making Sure a Senior Living Community Exceeds Your Expectations


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