Transitioning a Resistant Parent Into Memory Care

When a parent is diagnosed with memory loss, a lot of things can be uncertain. You may ask yourself how long they will remember you, what comes next, who will serve as their primary caregiver and what you’ll do as your loved one’s memory loss worsens. Many times, these questions don’t have definite answers. In fact, it may depend on a number of factors such as how far the memory loss has progressed, the person providing the care and the personal preferences of the individual with memory loss.

Managing the Move to Senior Living: The Important Role of Family

“Most of us don’t like change in our lives and the older we become the more we tend to cling to things that are familiar and comfortable. Not the least of which are our home and the prized possessions we’ve accumulated over a lifetime,” says Sue Sunderland, Executive Director at soon-to-open supportive senior living community, The Bridges at Warwick in Jamison, PA.

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