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5 Strategies for Caregivers to Minimize Sundowning Symptoms

Are you serving as a caregiver to a loved one with memory loss? If so, it’s likely you face a range of challenges on a daily basis. As their memory loss progresses, you may begin to notice symptoms and health issues that you didn’t before. If you notice the senior in your care is starting to become restless, irritable, agitated or confused late in the evening or as daylight fades, they may be experiencing sundowning.

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Caregiver Transition: In-Home to Senior Living Community

When it comes time to move a loved one for whom you provide care into a senior living community, its common to spend a great deal of time wondering how this transition is going to affect them. Will they be happy? Will they make friends easily? Will they get the same personalized level of care that you can provide? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in their transition and making them comfortable, that caregivers often forget that they too are in the middle of a transition....


Transitioning a Resistant Parent Into Memory Care

When a parent is diagnosed with memory loss, a lot of things can be uncertain. You may ask yourself how long they will remember you, what comes next, who will serve as their primary caregiver and what you’ll do as your loved one’s memory loss worsens. Many times, these questions don’t have definite answers. In fact, it may depend on a number of factors such as how far the memory loss has progressed, the person providing the care and the personal preferences of the individual...

Facts about Senior Living

10 Facts About Senior Living Communities

When it comes time to look for a senior living community for yourself or your loved one, you may be unsure of where to begin. You may wonder if you should look for something local, what you or your loved one need and what is going to give you the best value. These answers can differ for everyone, and depending on what you’ve heard about senior living communities, you may not know exactly what to believe when researching them or talking to others about your options....

10 Memory Care Myths Debunked

10 Myths About Memory Care Debunked

If you’ve never known someone with memory loss, it’s often hard to know what to expect after a diagnosis. How much is going to change? Is there a way to stop or slow the progression? What do we do to help them? What can we do when their memory loss progresses to the point we can no longer help? If your loved one has just been diagnosed, all of these questions and more may be running through your head. Unfortunately, some of these questions are easier to answer than others....

When Your Aging Parent Doesn't Want Visitors

What to Do When Your Aging Parent Doesn't Want Visitors

When your aging parent lives in an assisted living community, it’s common for friends and family to want to visit. Not only do they want to see their loved one’s new home and experience a piece of their new lifestyle, but they want to be sure they are settling in nicely and are enjoying their community. Many adult children like to visit and see their aging parent so they can make sure they are receiving the care they deserve and are embracing their lifestyle. Most often,...

What to Expect: Hip Replacement Surgery

What to Expect: Hip Replacement Surgery and Recovery in Seniors

As seniors age, their bodies may begin to deteriorate slowly, causing a need for surgeries to either repair joints, knees or hips or replace them altogether. Most often, we hear about knee and hip surgeries because they are more common, but hip replacements are on the rise. Sometimes these replacements are needed after a fall and the bones have broken or sometimes surgery is needed because there are diseased parts of the joints. According to...


Advantages of Personalized Support in Personal Care

When your loved one needs support, a personalized touch can make a big difference. Not only should personal care staff get to know your loved one’s likes, dislikes and interests, but they should also get to know your loved one’s life story. This can help them to provide a higher level of care along with more personalized support to help your loved one live their best life.

According to Sue Sunderland, Executive Director ...


Gifting 101: Practical Gifts for Your Loved One in Personal Care

When it comes time to get seniors a gift, many loved ones can be stumped at what to get. Whether it’s Christmas, their birthday or another special occasion, it can be difficult to decide what to purchase that they will actually want, need and use. It can be especially difficult when your friend or family member lives in a personal care community because they may have less room, no space for gifts that aren’t practical and may already have everything they need. Fortunately,...


What to Do When Aging Parents Refuse Help

We have all met a senior who simply refuses to be helped. Whether being polite and holding a door open or offering to carry groceries for them, it seems there are at least a few seniors who would rather be left alone. As seniors age it becomes more common for them to be stubborn and refuse help from anyone, and this is especially true when it comes to aging parents.

According to Sue Sunderland, Executive Director at...



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