The Benefit of Choosing a Family-Owned Senior Living Community

The Benefit of Choosing a Family-Owned Senior Living Community

When moving to a senior living community, bigger doesn’t always mean better, although many seniors believe it does. Much like small businesses, there’s a personal touch that’s added when a company, or community, is smaller than the rest. For example, in a small town, everyone knows who everyone is. They know your name, they know what you like and most often, everyone includes one another. In bigger communities or the city, that’s much harder to come by, as everyone is absorbed in their own lives and may not get to know others as easily. When choosing a senior living community, it’s important to know which experience you prefer.

“Senior living communities owned by families offer a lifestyle that many others do not,” according to Sue Sunderland, Executive Director at The Bridges at Warwick, a senior living community in Jamison, PA. “This is something that many seniors find out when they begin their search. When choosing a senior living community, it’s important to tour many different types, from family-owned to corporate-owned, big and small and in a variety of different locations. While this may not seem important, it’s crucial for seniors to see and experience the difference that these factors can have before deciding to make the move. This helps them to see the benefits and downfalls of each kind, prevents them from making the wrong decision and allows them to find the very best option for themselves. While you may think that bigger senior living communities may have more advantages, you may find that family-owned ones, such as The Bridges at Warwick, have far more benefits than you expected.”

Family-Owned Senior Living Communities & Their Benefits

When touring seniors living communities, you may notice those that are family-owned stand out. This is likely because of one of the following benefits:

  • Easier communication. Have you struggled to get in touch with employees at a senior living community to schedule a tour or ask questions? Have you been met with machines directing your call? At family-owned communities, you might have an easier time getting the answer you need sooner.
  • Seniors are treated like family. The team at family-owned senior living communities have the opportunity to get to know you better and truly care about how you’re treated. In fact, they care for you as if you were their own family. You can expect the team to know your name, ask questions about your past and get to know what makes you who you are.
  • Residents can connect with others easily. Because these communities tend to be smaller and more local, it’s easier to get to know other residents and find others that  share your passions, hobbies and interests. This is especially beneficial for seniors who are more shy and have trouble making friends.
  • Family members are invited to attend events and programs. It’s not just seniors who are treated like family in senior living communities, their families are, too. Whether they would like to schedule a birthday or anniversary dinner for you, are interested in events and programming going on at the community or simply want to be involved in your care, families are welcome and encouraged to visit. Chances are, the staff will even get to know family members by name and remember stories involving them as well! 
  • You receive a more personalized approach to care. Because the care team in a family-owned senior living community gets to know your individual likes and preferences, they can build a care plan around your wishes. Even better, they’ll plan everything they do around your schedule so you can continue living as independently as possible. 
  • Programs can be built around you. Are you not finding communities with programs that you are interested in? It’s important to ask if clubs can be started and if you are able to lead them, if you are interested. Many family-owned communities will either create programs and activities for you or give you all the tools you need to start your own. 
  • Care teams support your family. If your care needs begin to change, or if your family is having a hard time coping with your move, the team at the senior living community can help to provide the support they need to cope. A community may even offer support groups, educational sessionals and presentations that your loved one can attend.

Family-owned senior living can make all the difference in you and your family’s experience. For more information about the benefits of a family-owned senior living community, contact the team at The Bridges at Warwick. We would be glad to help you discover the experience and family-oriented lifestyle you deserve. Call us today to schedule your personal tour and see how our residents celebrate life every day.

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You’ll find it all at The Bridges at Warwick, located in beautiful Bucks County, where everyday is a celebration of seniors. Our philosophy of “Celebrating Life” means that our residents enjoy a sense of purpose and contentment along with fun, personalized care and a focus on total well-being. 

Our Personalized Supportive Care provides just the right amount of assistance to help you remain independent, along with life-enriching programs, services and amenities. Our exclusive Vista Transitional Living Program offers specialized programming our supportive care residents who have memory challenges but do not yet require a secure residence. For those whose memory loss is more advanced, we offer The Vista, our secure, comprehensive memory care residence.

In keeping with our founder Robert Basile’s personal philosophy, developed during his efforts to find quality senior living for his beloved father, senior adults remain our passion. We fill our residents’ lives with countless opportunities to engage with both new and treasured friends; events and programs to enjoy with family members and loved ones; as well as innovative and creative activities that foster engagement. Our dedication to total wellness – for mind, body and spirit – is woven into our culture every day.

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