5 Advantages of Wintertime Senior Living

5 Advantages of Wintertime Senior Living

Brr! All that snow and ice may look nice from the coziness of your home, but for aging seniors, the sight can also be disheartening because it means that winter – and all the issues that come with it – is here. Everything about winter, from the weather to the shorter days to the treacherous roads, makes living independently just a little bit harder. Even walking outside to get your mail can be difficult due to biting wind or icy sidewalks. And let’s not even start with the difficulty of getting to the doctor’s office when you contract a cold yet again.

“Winter can pose serious dangers to seniors,” says Sue Sunderland, Executive Director of The Bridges at Warwick, a supportive personal care community in Jamison, PA. “From increased risk of illness and the potential of falling and breaking a bone to difficulty driving as it gets darker earlier and earlier. These are just some of the issues that cause seniors to huddle in their homes during the winter months.”

Because winter causes us to go into hibernation mode, senior adults end up becoming socially isolated, which leads to anxiety and depression. They may not want to risk going outside, even to get essentials from the grocery store, which can lead to malnutrition. For adult children with senior parents living on their own, this causes stress and worry about their safety.

“While most seniors wish to stay in their homes and be as independent for as long as possible, the winter months make it incredibly difficult,” says Sunderland. “That’s why winter is one of the best times to live in a supportive personal care community like The Bridges at Warwick. Instead of taking away your independence, living in a community can actually give you back freedom and opportunities for a fulfilling lifestyle.”

Here are five of the benefits of wintertime living in a senior community like The Bridges at Warwick:

1. Begone, transportation worries!
Say goodbye to the dread of getting into your car and clutching the steering wheel for dear life as you navigate through icy roads and snow. No longer will you have to miss doctor’s appointments or eat popcorn for dinner because you can’t get to the grocery store. At a senior living community, residents have the benefit of free transportation services to shuttle them to and from appointments, shopping excursions, fun activities and outings. This makes life far less stressful and increases enjoyment for residents and their family members (who no longer have to worry about them being on the road).

2. Staying healthy and active becomes a whole lot easier. We all know that staying active is a key to aging well. However, in wintertime, finding opportunities to exercise can become difficult if your primary activities take place outdoors. At a senior living community like The Bridges at Warwick, you can take advantage of on-site fitness centers to make sure you never miss leg day. When it comes to staying healthy, it always puts residents’ minds at ease knowing that nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week right on site … no matter whether it’s snowing, sleeting or hailing! Senior living communities plan ahead when they see inclement weather approaching, so you or your loved one will never have to worry about waiting for assistance or sitting in the dark if the power goes out.

3. Did we mention the food? If you’re stuck at home because of a snowstorm, you may have to eat what you have instead of getting groceries … and oftentimes, that’s not the most nutritious option. Instead of grazing on oyster crackers or worse, skipping meals because you don’t have anything to eat, residents at a senior living community can enjoy delicious, nutritious meals three times a day (plus snacks)! Everything is planned to be as healthy as possible, and the chefs are always able to accommodate special dietary needs. Best of all, you won’t have any dishes to wash once you’re done – everything’s taken care of for you! If residents decide they don’t want to eat what’s on the menu, no problem – just have the on-site transportation take you to the restaurant of your choice. How easy is that?

4. No more home maintenance, ever. You’ll never have to worry about frozen pipes, leaky roofs or drafty doors ever again when you move to a senior living community like The Bridges at Warwick. Your home will be in tip-top shape and meticulously maintained by the professional maintenance staff … and if there’s anything you notice that needs to be done, help is just a phone call away. You’ll also never have to shovel snow or spread salt. The maintenance staff will make sure sidewalks are clear and safe to use, no matter what.

5. You can stay active and make friends all season long. For seniors who live alone, winter can be lonely. Maybe they live far away from family or can’t make the drive to the annual gathering. But at a senior living community like The Bridges at Warwick, making friends and staying socially active is as easy as walking out your front door. Residents enjoy a full calendar of events and activities each and every day, and even if you don’t want to take part in something scheduled, you can always meet a friend for coffee or lunch on site. There are also regularly scheduled off-site events and outings, whether to the mall or to see a performance downtown. Instead of being cooped up for the winter, you’ll find yourself free as a bird and perhaps making this time your favorite season after all.

For more information about the advantages of a senior living community during the winter, or if you’d like more information about our senior living community, contact our staff at The Bridges at Warwick. 

Activity. Friendship. Support. Convenience. Value.

You’ll find it all at The Bridges at Warwick, located in beautiful Bucks County, where everyday is a celebration of seniors. Our philosophy of “Celebrating Life” means that our residents enjoy a sense of purpose and contentment along with fun, personalized care and a focus on total well-being.

Our Personalized Supportive Care provides just the right amount of assistance to help you remain independent, along with life-enriching programs, services and amenities. Our exclusive Vista Transitional Living Program offers specialized programming our supportive care residents who have memory challenges but do not yet require a secure residence. For those whose memory loss is more advanced, we offer The Vista, our secure, comprehensive memory care residence.

In keeping with our founder Robert Basile’s personal philosophy, developed during his efforts to find quality senior living for his beloved father, senior adults remain our passion. We fill our residents’ lives with countless opportunities to engage with both new and treasured friends; events and programs to enjoy with family members and loved ones; as well as innovative and creative activities that foster engagement. Our dedication to total wellness – for mind, body and spirit – is woven into our culture every day.

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